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Journal of Pharma Science

Frequently asked questions.

How could an author submit a manuscript for publication in this journal?

For paper submission, authors should register themselves as an author using the "online submission" link in the journal website and after receiving their username and password via e-mail, they could sign in and enter their personal page and submit their manuscript.

How long would it take for a manuscript to be published in the journal after being accepted?

It usually takes not more than 1 to 2 weeks from the date of submission.

How can the author resubmit a revised version of her/his manuscript?

For Sending the revised version of the manuscript through e-mail and through the JPS online submission system. The revised manuscript should be sent via the same ID as the original one.

Where can the author find the reviewers' comments?

The reviewers’ comments will be sent to the author via mail or through the JPS online system. Entering the User Name and Password, the author can access the comments in her/his personal page. The corrected manuscript should be uploaded along with the mail entitled “Response to reviewer”.

How many authors are allowed in a article?

Two authors should be included in one article

Can I Be Reviewer In JPS?

Yes, JPS Welcomes Scientists from Academia, Industry, Government to be Part of Review Panel. The Scientists are requested to send their Updated Resume to the Editor for Approval.