Dietary supplementation of Seaweed as growth promoter of Molly fish

G. Chelladurai *

G.Venkatasamy Naidu College, Kovilpatti, Tuticorin ,TamilNadu, India

An experiment was conducted to study the influence of seaweed diet K. aluarezii on growth and survival of molly fish reared in plastic tank over a period of 45 days. Three different feed namely, Control, F1 (Seaweed 10%), F2 (Seaweed 20%) were applied to treatments. By the end of the experiment, fish growth parameters (weight gain, SGR and FCR) were evaluated. Fish fed on 20% seaweed diet tended to have higher growth performance than those fed to the control and 10% seaweed diet (p>0.05). Concl


Kappaphycus alvarezii, growth performance, formulated diet, Mollienisia sphenops.