enFormulation and Evaluation of Sustained Release Tablet of Tapentadol HClResearch ArticleAim of present research work was to “Formulation and evaluation of sustained release tablet of Tapentadol. The main reason for to sustain is because it has shorter half life and it gives effect only till 8 hours. Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose and ethyl cellulose were used as polymer to sustain the formulation. The different grades of HPMC and Ethyl cellulose polymer were used and with Yates method 8 different batches were prepared. Drug-excipients compatibility was studied by. FT-IR and DiffTapentadol HCl,HPMC, DSC, zero order kinetics1935 PATELhemangirx@gmail.comPhdKalol Institute of Pharmacy, Kalolyes Ashish MahendrabhaiChristianabc@123.comMPharmacyN.R.Vekaria Institute Of Pharmacy, C.L. College Campus, Bilkha Road, Junagadh -