enDesign and In Vitro Evaluation of Gastro Retentive Sustained Release Tablets of Ketorolac TromethamineResearch ArticleGastro retentive sustained release tablets of ketorolac tromethamine (KT) were prepared by using hydrophilic polymers with direct compression on floating matrix technology and evaluated. KT is freely soluble in water, so it is suitable to develop it as gastro retentive sustained release tablets using hydrophilic polymers. The developed formulation is equivalent to calculated theoretical drug profile in view of its in vitro release. Technique has easily amenable to mass production using conventioGastro retentive, ketorolac tromethamine, DSC, stability studies, zero-order, Fickian diffusion.124 Kshirasagarnareshvcop@gmail.comMPharmacyVaagdevi College of Pharmacy, Ramnagar, Hanamkonda.yesP.Deepikaabc@123.comMPharmacyNatco Pharma Ltd., Kothur, Hyderabad.noSrilatha .Malveyabc@123.comMPharmacyVaagdevi College of Pharmacy, Ramnagar, Hanamkonda.noD.Adukondaluabc@123.comMPharmacyVaagdevi College of Pharmacy, Ramnagar, Hanamkonda.noSriram .Pavaniabc@123.comMPharmacyVaagdevi College of Pharmacy, Ramnagar,